Marriage doesn't always mean happy ever after - are your lives insured?

20th May 2016

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! This is an exciting step in your lives as a couple, as you make the ultimate promise to love and cherish one another for the rest of your lives, work on building a home together and perhaps even consider hearing the pitter patter of little feet in the near future. Married life is definitely an exciting time and you probably feel that you can take on the world together after you say ‘I do’. But this new stage of your lives involves a great deal of commitment and responsibility, including a mortgage, joint bank accounts and saving for the future. So, have you got EVERYTHING covered? How about life insurance? That's right - life insurance is an essential. That might sound dramatic but as a married couple, life insurance is absolutely necessary and actually very easy to arrange. If you and your partner have...

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Why Not Taking Out Life Insurance is the WORST Mistake First Time Buyers Make

20th May 2016

Are you buying your first home? Congratulations - getting on to the property ladder is one of the most exciting things you and your partner will ever do together. It’s an amazing achievement that promises independence, freedom and control of your future, providing with you both with a home to create happy memories in. But, among the to-do list that first time buyers need to work through in order to put a roof over their heads, there’s one very important detail that often gets missed off the list: life insurance. Life insurance is a policy that pays out a sum of money to your loved one if you become terminally ill or die. You can also take out life insurance with critical illness cover, meaning that you’ll receive a pay out if you’re too sick to keep earning money. Insuring yourself means that you’re helping your other half by making sure there’s a pot of money on standby - meaning tha...

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Why parents owe it to their baby to get life insurance

20th May 2016

The months and years following the arrival of a new baby are exciting, turbulent, and costly times. Parents will have little or no conception of what they need, and when and how often – and it only gets more expensive as time progresses. It’s believed that the cost of bringing up a child in the UK eventually totals around £230,000 up to the age of 21, to include childcare fees and expenses linked to education. Life insurance, perhaps, is at the bottom of the pile of priorities. Parents are generally younger adults, and hopefully in the prime of their life, so why would anyone consider shelling out for a dreadful eventuality that is improbable and unthinkable? Perhaps the question could be rephrased as: “What’s the worst that could happen without insurance?”. Danielle Corkovic could tell you. Her devastating story was covered in the Daily Mail in November 2015. The 25-...

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Why Your Loved Ones are at Risk if You Don’t Have Life Insurance at Retirement Age

20th May 2016

We earn a living and provide for our families, taking out a life insurance policy in our working years just in case the unthinkable happened. But, now that you’re about to retire, you have to make a decision about whether or not you’re going to take out a new life insurance policy for your golden years… Many retirees make the wrong decision. You could actually be putting your loved ones at risk by NOT having life insurance at retirement age. Life insurance is a policy that pays out a sum of money to your loved ones if you become terminally ill or die before the term expires. You can also take out life insurance with critical illness cover, meaning that you’ll receive a pay out if you’re too sick to provide for people who rely on you – an important consideration for retirees who are still working part time to earn a little bit on the side. Life insurance is necessary, even for those wh...

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